Induction Day

This post has nothing to do with deduction versus induction. If you
will, it’s a prayer request as well as the anxious anticipation of a
man who knows that Friday is the day where labor will be induced.

We’re not ones that immediately leap on board with a doctor’s
suggestion. On our first pregnancy we bypassed the triple screen and
the amniocentesis, which was offhandedly suggested as if it was
required. Why bother taking the triple screen if it’s often wrong? Why
bother finding out if there is a birth defect if we wouldn’t “abort”

So it was that after several months of worry from danger of preterm
labor that now we found ourselves accepting the doctor’s recommendation
to induce labor on Friday.

What was our reasoning?

Well, my wife has been having contractions for the last three and a
half weeks. These are not Braxton Hicks. These are all out, wake you up
panting, squeak out a slight moan contractions without thinning of the
cervical wall nor dilation—in other words, not labor. These
contractions have consistently been 3 to 4 minutes apart and sometimes
1 minute apart ranging in duration from one minute to two minutes. We
figured when labor came it would be fast and hard—me being at work or
church is still twenty five minutes too far for something like that so
we booked the appointment a mere two days before her actual due date.

Yeah, I know, not much, but still acceptable enough that the baby has
gained some weight, it’s near her due date and we have planned for it.
Of course, I thank you for the torrents of prayer that you all have
showered in our direction. I can say with a sureness that our faith has
been mutually and individually strengthened and God willing your own
faith has increased in such persistent service. Continue praying for my
wife though since she plans to go at it without the epidural (she can’t
stand the way it makes her feel). Pray for an easy delivery and a
healthy child on Friday the 29th…Induction Day.


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