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Lingamish and the Fallacy Files

Lingamesh has a great series on Logic and Fallacies going on over at his blog?which spurred some (likely flawed) personal thinking in using a deductive argument on top of an inductive reasoning process. I?m wondering how often we do this with theological statements and doctrinal outlines. Go on over and have a look see (specifically the comments of this post for my questions).

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Retro, Metro, Heteros

Picking up a link from Challies A La Carte feature, I wond up getting exposed to a discussion about a culture war happening with God-Bloggers. Marla
offers the chart not so much as a definition of the bloggers Challies
and iMonk (as some may have taken it to be) or even as supporting one
side over the other—but merely to show that most bloggers have areas of
interest that lie in both categories.

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Christian Carnival LXXVII: Jedi Edition

Login: Accepted. Data File: Christian Carnival LXXVII (77)

Welcome to the Jedi Holocron. Our system will soon be projecting
text-based information onto your screen regarding a Christian
Carnival.. In our studies of other cultures we are featuring a
Christian so-called Carnival. A series of posts collected from sundry
Christian Web-logs (BLOG). The categories have been organized per Jedi
Master and teaching sub-set. It is our hope that you can further your
studies with the information contained therein. Thank you and have a
nice day.

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A Brief History in Blogging

The first post on this blog occurred May 2002. At that point the site used the nuke portal to operate it, was not crawlable by google, featured mostly articles posted by other people and mostly fan address book for my church. Due to a fatal crash, I lost a year of that content before the public reboot in 2003.

Eventually, I wanted the site to be a repository of Bible Tools. I thought that I could collect the writings of the modern day Plymouth Brethren as an online source that could be accessed by a new generation of Plymouth Brethren. For a while, being the only Plymouth brethren blog that I could find I thought it would be good to split off and do something more personalized.

Around that time plenty of other sites started to come out so I decided to split the Bible Archive into two focuses: one an online magazine and the other a personal blog. I tried to maintain both of those things in the same address but it proved too confusing for readers.

Now, the  Archive is primarily a blog and the E-Zine section is comprised of collection of blog posts for specific issues. The rest of the site is primarily my own studies (and error—heh) .

Enjoy your stay.