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Motivating Factors

When someone takes to write a book they write with a purpose. Sometimes the purpose is to entertain and other times it’s to teach a theory or an observed idea and other times it is to motivate you (or someone) to act. No one writes a book just to spout words because that would be a waste of everybody’s time.

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What’s Your Eschatology?

You scored as Premillenialist, Premillenialism believes that there will be a rapture and tribulation before Jesus returns and overthrows the antichrist and establishes his Kingdom. Current events are spoken of in scripture.

Moltmannian Eschatology
Left Behind

What’s your eschatology?
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It was tough answering these questions because of the way they were phrased. (HT: Jeremy)

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The Measure of Faith in Gentile Hands

This measure of our object of faith finds its power in the fact of the gospel. Christ became a servant in that Gospel so now, as a new humanity with new life, we can be proper God honoring servants. On behalf of God’s truth, Christ become a servant to those of the circumcision to authenticate and make real all of the promises given to the Jewish forefathers so therefore a Gentile believer can be a servant to those of the circumcision on behalf of God’s truth as well. Here’s how.

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The Olive Tree and One Salvation (Part 4 of 4) Romans 11

It is patently unfair when dispensationalists are attacked for making a distinction between the Church and Israel when theologians outside the dispensationalist camp have made a similar distinction. Indeed Paul doesn’t shy away from making the distinction when he points out that the Messiah came from the Jews.

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The Olive Tree and Israel’s Identity (Part 3 of 4) Romans 11

Some have taken the fact that Gentiles have been grafted into Israel’s natural olive tree to mean that Gentiles are now actually Jews. They might try to argue the point by highlighting several verses in Romans (for instance in Romans 2 where Paul points out uncircumcised Gentiles living circumcised lives proving themselves to be more circumcised than Jews).

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