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Dispensationalists, D-Day and Dragons

Today is 6/6/6 so I figured I’d write a post pointing out who is the anti-Christ, with a countdown to the 2nd coming. Some Covenant Theologians out there would actually believe that I would do that since I’m a wild-eyed fanatical dispensationalist who just doesn’t see the structure of the Bible. Absurd. Allow me to rant for a second:

Quit it. We’ve been arguing in circles for a couple hundred years now and just because a few nut-jobs put down dates of the rapture doesn’t mean all of dispensationalism does that. And if you left the camp and now think you’re an authority on dispensationalism think again. Honestly, not knowing the Davidic covenant is more a sign of your lack of Biblical reading than the evils of dispensationalism. (HT: Doug)

But I won’t bother with eschatological escapades arguing that my hermeneutic trumps yours. I don’t need a swarming mass of Covenant Theologians charging up the shores of the BibleArchive declaring dispensationalism of the devil.

Speaking of charges: the invasion of Normandy happened June 6, 1944. If there was any date I would talk about today it would be that one. But even so, I’m still too sick to spend much time going into the incredible misinformation campaign that went on to make Normandy possible.

Instead, I spent some time dabbling in the devil’s work: casting and designing the Dungeons and Dragon movie. Some of you may remember the old cartoon with Dungeon Master, Hank, Eric, Sheila, Dianne, Presto and Bobby facing off against Venger. I casted Ian Holm, Heath Ledger, Freddie Prinze Jr, Alyson Hannigan, Joy Bryant (thanks MCF), Daniel Radcliffe, Devin Douglas Drewitz and Ralph Fiennes respectively. It’s an awesome cast and I hope someone has the money to hire all of these people, get Joss Whedon to turn the existing script into a movie formast and get Peter Jackson to direct the thing.

Well, here’s the post. If you want to know why I picked the people I did, click on the link to my personal site.


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