Prayer Mondays: St. Carson on the Resurrection

Barring my faulty memory (and if I’m not lazy) I want to post prayers on Monday from all over Church History and then throughout the modern day, and then my own. This is a resurrection prayer from DA Carson adapted from a book (ht: Trevin Wax)

We rejoice, heavenly Father,
in the truth that Jesus rose from the dead.

Yet we see that this is not simply a truth in the public arena of history
to be absorbed quickly and then set to one side.

For if indeed your dear Son, the God-man, rose from the dead,
then everything is changed.

His victory over death is confirmed.

The sacrifice he provided has been vindicated.

Already he is the head of a new humanity that will one day share in his resurrection-likeness.

And his people, heavenly Father,
rejoice to bow before him and cry, “My Lord and my God.”

Grant that each of us may cry,
“Forgive my sin as you forgave the sin of that paralyzed man,
my Lord and my God.”

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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