It?s been quite a few days and I?ll let you know that I am working on an in-depth examination of Romans chapter 4 but have been horrendously sidetracked. Better posters than myself have coined the phrase ?Real Life Trumps Blogging? and have made good use of it as the need arises.

My problem, unfortunately, is not as noble, but just sheer stupidity. I mistakingly configured a client?s email server to forward to an address without the ?on? switch being enabled. Saving them the deluge of received emails I have configured my own computer to start e-mail filtering for the past few hours.

That?s right?I said hours. Not minutes. Ever wonder how many text-only emails make up two hundred and ninety three megabytes? Wonder no more. The answer is somewhere in the vicinity of 49,763. Roughly.

Yeah, Stupidity Trumps Blogging.


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