What do I do instead of studying?

Here I am, instead of studying I'm thinking about looking at
the book of Romans in one screen and reading the book of Colossians on another.
What do I start to do?

Research the eternality of God in respect to His character
and our lives.

Way bigger than some random research and I really shouldn't
be doing this at all, so I'm going to put it to the side and focus on Colossians.
I'll post it in the hopes that someone can use it.

God doesn't change His mind like man (1 Sam 15:29)
God doesn't repent like men (Gen 23:19)
God doesn't change (Mal 3:6)
God changes His mind (Mal 3:6)
God creates the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1)
God set a method to keep time (Gen 1:14)
God knows our faults (Ps 69:5)
God removes kings (Dan 2:21)
God numbers the Days of kings (Dan 4)
God numbers days of kingdoms (Dan 6)
God numbers the days to the end (Dan 9, 12)
God sends His Son at the right time (Gal 4:4)
God knows our hearts in the present (Luk 16:15)
Men don't make prophecy it comes from God (2 Pet 1:21)
God is the Alpha and Omega (Rev 1:8; 21:6, 13)
God in the eternal present sense (Ex 3:15)
God is blessed from everlasting to everlasting (1 Chr 16:36)
His years are unsearchable (Job 36:26)
God does not become weary or tired and His understanding is
inscrutable (Is 40:28)
God's counsel stands forever and his plans from generation
to generation (Ps 33:11)
God is an everlasting rock (Is 26:4)
No one can reverse God's acts (Is 43:13)
God rules forever (Lam 5:19)
God's kingdom endures forever (Dan 4:34)
Eternal power is one of his clearly seen attributes (Rom 1:20)
God fills the heavens and the earth (Jer 23:24)

I pray it's useful.


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