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Speaking Their Language

“Habona-Grits Habona-Hits”. Not Hebrew. My son’s name for this large pipe-like contraption which is nestled in the corner of our co-op’s garage. For the longest I didn’t have the foggiest clue why he would start singing those words when we went down there but when I finally figured out what Ha-BAH-na GRITS – Ha-BAH-na-HITS was…

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Blogrollin’ Down the River

On the one hand I can put up an extremely long string of different blogs which I blogroll?such a thing that would require endless scrolling to reach the bottom. Or I can hide the blogrolls in links in the community menu in the hopes that anyone reading this blog can find them. Unfortunately, I don?t…

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A Brief History in Blogging

The first post on this blog occurred May 2002. At that point the site used the nuke portal to operate it, was not crawlable by google, featured mostly articles posted by other people and mostly fan address book for my church. Due to a fatal crash, I lost a year of that content before the…

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